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What WoW boosts are good for fresh characters?

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In this brief article we’ll tell you about the best boosting solutions for any fresh character. Which to choose? How to order them? Why do you even need them? And what results can you expect? All the answers are here!

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So you’ve decided to give another class a chance. Say, you haven’t ever played as mage and you feel that the time to finally do that is now. Or your guildies tell you that it would be a really great idea to widen your roster of tanks since meta this season doesn’t exactly favour your warrior – so you start leveling up a druid or something. The reasons might be numerous but what really matters is how effective your handling of a new character is going to be. We all know that the modern WoW starts at the max level and even when you reach it, there are certain things to do first before finally being able to understand what your character is good at.


What’s the plan?

There’s some technicality to how this train of boosting services is supposed to work. You start with what any other player starts with: levels. There’s little sense to do anything else before it. As you have that out of the way, you need some gold and gear. Gold is less important and easier to get but you will still won’t be very comfortable without it. Gear is crucial and there are certain fast ways to obtain it and we’d say that dungeons are the best source of items. So to wrap it up your plan should look like this:

  • 1. Power leveling
  • 2. Gold delivery
  • 3. Dungeon carries
  • 4. Further gearing (optional)

The fourth point is important for those that want to do some heavy raiding with their fresh character or participate in arena / M+ and reach high ranks. If you’re not after those things, just call it a day after the third one.

What is Power Leveling?

Power Leveling is about getting your character’s level to a higher one. Not necessarily the maximum level but in this guide the max one is implied since none other makes sense in this situation. Before your character hits the cap, it’s really hard to have a full understanding of what it’s going to be like in the most popular activities of the end-game. It won’t even have all its skill set! So levels are essential, a mandatory first step. There are 2 ways to do it:

  • 1. Full manual power leveling
  • 2. Blizzard instant boost + manual power leveling

The first way is traditional: a pro player does all the job from 0 to the end. It’s quite affordable but might take some time. Several days at least. But if those are work days, a pro player can do the leveling during your work hours and log out in the evening when you come to play.

The second way is more time efficient. The Blizzard instant boost takes your character to max level minus 10 and does it in a blink of an eye. That is, right away. Your level’s number just turns into something else without any effort. Such a boost is quite pricey but the benefit of it is quite evident. And the remaining 10 levels will be taken care of by a pro player.

What are Dungeon carries?

Dungeon carries make it easier for you to get various rewards in this very game mode. Dungeons are very popular right now and for a good reason: they are accessible for most players and don’t have many impediments that can turn you away from them. You need 2 types of dungeon carries:

  • 1. 8 / 8 M+0 dungeons boost
  • 2. Mythic Plus boosts
  • This might look a little confusing but stick with us. The first one is about getting the basic high-level gear. It’s fast and cheap but if you do that by yourself, it might turn into something more tiring than how it is with boosters. The latter is about getting you some outstandingly good gear pieces. Mythic Plus has several levels of difficulty (the so-called key levels) and the most popular are 10, 15, and 20. For a good reason: they are some sort of threshold for rewards. And which one you should choose, depends on your further goals: 10 is good for casuals, 15 is good for those who want more challenge, and 20 is for those who are ready for some hardcore gaming.


    What’s the best place to get boosts like this?

    ArmadaBoost is the best option for these kinds of boosts. You can find a wide array of services for both power leveling and dungeon carries in our catalog. Here you can find services related to leveling up: outside website. There are several products for that including a regular power leveling, a power leveling for particular classes and races, a self-play level boost, and lots of other things.

    We also have dungeon carries, you can browse them here: outside website. Dungeon carries come in all shapes and sizes so choose any you like.