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Exploring the Biggest Features of WoW Patch 10.2

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In the highly anticipated WoW Patch 10.2, players can expect exciting new content including revamped dungeons, a challenging raid, and an expanded world map. Dive into the biggest features of this update.

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The next grand content update is coming later this fall, probably around November. Patch 10.2, as befits a major seasonal update, comes with a new zone for players to explore, a new raid to conquer, and marks the beginning of the third season of the expansion both in PvE and PvP. Let's get excited together and have a quick overview of the most important features to come very soon.

Journey to the Emerald Dream

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It is finally time to explore one of the most important and iconic locations in the lore of the World of Warcraft that has been mentioned forever over the game's history. The Emerald Dream is a whole new existence realm outside the physical world, a sacred place for the Druids and Night Elves. This land of dreams is full of mythical creatures, magic waters, and dragons of the Green Dragonflight led by Ysera.

These days, it is a sanctuary for the young world tree – Amirdrassil remains hidden here until the time comes for it to pass the barrier between worlds and emerge into the physical realm of Azeroth. We must ensure that this world tree does not repeat the fate of its predecessor and avoids the shadow flames of the Fyrakk.

Unlock New Renown

Here, we will meet with the faction of the Dream's defenders – the Dream Wardens, with druids, dryads, and green dragons standing among their ranks. Get ready to spend some time raising the reputation and unlocking new Renown rewards, including new Dreaming Crests, Drake Manuscripts, and Mounts.

Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid

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Located in the northern part of the Emerald Dream, the new raid consists of 9 encounters, including the most powerful allies of Fyrakk, gathered together on his quest to corrupt the growing World Tree. And from what we've seen on the promotional materials, there will be plenty of Firelands raid vibes! There is not enough information from the Test Server about all the encounters to say what awaits us, so we'll have a surprise or two when the raid launches. Still, some fun and engaging mechanics are expected, including an entire raid encounter built around the Dragonriding, so practice your flying skills while you have time!

The final showdown of the raid will put us face to face with the Fire Primal Incarnate, Fyrakk himself. Undoubtedly, the fight will be complicated, taking quite some time to learn all the mechanics and progress. Looking at how things went with the Sarkareth even many weeks later into the update, I am sure that I'll be checking out the boosting services wowlink outside website portals for help with the most challenging boss so I don't waste a single weekly lockout, as the last boss always drops the best loot pieces.


The nine encounters are listed in the in-game dungeon journal in the following order:


Igira the Cruel


Council of Dreams

Larodar, Keeper of the Flame

Nymue, Weaver of the Cycle


Tindral Sageswift, Seer of the Flame

Fyrakk the Blazing

As usual, a quest will be available inside the raid to unlock the raid skip by collecting three fragments from the Smolderon, the new incarnation of the Firelord.

Dragonflight Season 3

Get ready to jump into the seasonal activities and earn new rewards, including achievements, mounts, and titles.


Feeling the spirit of competition yet? Soon, you'll climb the ladder to reach high ratings, unlock new Elite sets, and gear up to meet opponents with the new set bonuses. Keep an eye out for the meta changes and prepare more characters to quickly adapt to the more competitive plays if you aim to get to the highest ratings of Arena or RBGs.



The new M+ season comes with an updated pool of dungeons that include the two wings of the Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon and multiple returning dungeons from previous expansions:

Waycrest Manor


Darkheart Thicket

Black Rook Hold

The Everbloom

Throne of the Tides

Study the mechanics and crucial abilities in advance, and you'll be a few steps ahead when you start pushing them on keystone difficulties. Reaching the 2000 M+ Score in Season Three will reward players with the seasonal Keystone Master achievement and the Verdant Armoredonlink outside website mount.

The Legendary Weapon

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Behold, the Fyr'alath, the Dream Render. The Fire Primal Incarnate currently wields this axe, and soon enough, all the Warriors, Paladins, and Death Knights will be working hard to obtain this BiS weapon. While the whole process remains unclear, the developers mentioned that they wanted to make it a meaningful progression where players can work towards achieving the goal instead of hoping for a random chance. Based on this, we can expect a legendary questline that will eventually reward the weapon.

World Activities

As for the open world of the Emerald Dream, we will be sparring with the Aurostor, the new World Boss. He's not a bad guy in the situation, but instead, a Wild God who has been woken up from a very deep sleep and, understandably, is unhappy about it. We can all relate to the situation, and the best we can do is assist him with blowing off some steam and going back to rest.

A number of open-world events will be active throughout the Emerland Dream for players to participate in:

Superbloom starts every hour and lasts for about 20 minutes, rewarding players with catch-up gear, a good amount of Renown reputation, and rare currency for the weekly activity.

Emerald Frenzy is bound to the previous one. It occurs when you finish the Superbloom, allowing players to farm empowered ads in the event zone and collect the currency needed for Emerland Bounties over the next 10 minutes.

Emerald Bounties can be done at any time and will require the Sees from the Superboom that you will plant and cultivate in hopes of getting rare pets, mounts, or other cosmetics.