Most Popular Casino Card Games in the UK for 2022 That You Can Try

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Card games have become a regular feature at UK online casinos. Find out which types to play and the reasons. Poker, Video Poker, Three card poker, Blackjack.

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Online casinos in the UK have become a viral sensation in 2022, thanks to technological advancements. Players can enjoy a wide range of games, especially card titles, as they offer a bit of a resemblance to a land-based gambling centre. Despite a long history, casino card games are still relevant in 2022.

UK customers enjoy them because of various banking methods available to fund their accounts, promoting convenience. There are diverse online casinos in the UK with good reputations. More of these options are springing up; the Trustly casino UKlink outside website, PayPal gambling site, etc., are options to try out. Card games are now popular because it is easy to load and play at any time.


If you're searching for options where to play card games in 2022, we have a few popular suggestions for you.

Card Games that are Popular in Casino 2022


Blackjack is our first option and most popular card game in a UK online casino. The chances of earning good cash wins here are high. It has a simple gameplay: the sum of your cards must be 21 or dangerously close to it. You lose your wager if the total passes 21.

It is also referred to as “21”, and anyone can become a player at the game. Here, you're competing against the house. With a good RTP value, it now has many loyal players.

Three Card Poker

Three card draw poker is a famous version of traditional poker. Its vast influence made it the base of video poker. It has a better payout than most online casino games, like slots. Here, players are dealt three cards, and you have to place an ante bet to move ahead.

This poker variant has a smaller house edge value than most games, making the rewards enjoyable. The cards available to you forms a “hand”. If your hand is better than the dealer's, you win.

Other card game types are available, but you will find the above two as the most famous options to wager and get rewards.

What Card Games should You Try Out and Why

Gambling on a UK online casino provides different options in terms of games to play. Regarding card titles, there are several variants available to play. You should consider the availability and simple gameplay when considering which type to select and play.

Based on these two factors, here are expert recommendations on which card game you should play and get rewards.


Poker is one of the earliest forms of card games. Its continuous relevance at online casinos is due to its simple gameplay style and huge real money earnings available for players.

Poker is a card game accessible in different variants. Its most common type, Jacks or Better, has been featured in many online casinos. Currently, there are multiple variations for pokerlink outside website; even video poker machines like slots produce high wins. On some poker game types, you're literally paid to play.

Other top forms of poker asides from Jacks or Better include three card poker, five card draw poker, double bonus poker, double bonus poker, etc. If you prefer, there's a demo mode to try out these games on your device.


As we stated, Blackjack has a better Return to Player percentage than most casino card games. Coupled with a simple game style and availability in demo mode, you may never get enough of Blackjack. There are now special rewards and bonuses for players by UK gambling sites. Claim these options and get more offers to win substantial cash prizes.

Texas Hold 'em

Texas Hold 'em is a variant of poker, especially 5 cards draw game. However, it has distinct gameplay with impressive potential cash wins. Such offers are enough to bring players to a standstill.


The basic rule of this variant is to combine community and hole cards to make the best hand possible and beat the dealer. While the hand ranking is similar to other types of poker, the way cards are dealt is different. Hence, it brings much excitement.

In addition, it has a good paytable, which differs from one online casino to another. You can play this game on your mobile, PC, or tablet.


Card casino games have been here for a long time and will continue to have good relevance. To enjoy such games, you should adhere to a few rules on the table. It is important not to touch the table while the dealer issues cards to all players. You could be disqualified if you do so.