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Two of the Most Valuable Pokémon Cards You Can Buy Today

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Two of the most valuable Pokémon cards to buy today are Charizard and Blastoise. They feature powerful attacks and beautiful artwork, making them a must-have for any serious collector.

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It is always fascinating to discover rare and unique items in the world of gaming. And when it comes to the world of Pokémon, the value of the cards has increased wildly in recent years. One only needs to look at social media sensation turned WWE Superstar Logan Paul.

The man who goes by the name of 'The Maverick' forked out an eye-watering $5.75m on a Charizard Pokémon card thought to be the rarest in existence. Whenever Paul is competing in WWE, he regularly wears the card around his neck as he makes his entrance to the squared circle, as demonstrated by his recent battles against Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in Saudi Arabia last fall, Seth 'Freakin' Rollins at WrestleMania last month and The Miz last summer. When the Japanese company Nintendo created the beloved franchise way back in 1996, no one could have predicted just how much the value of such cards would skyrocket.


But it isn't just Pokémon whose popularity has gone through the roof in recent years. Thanks to the boom of the internet, video games have taken on a life of their own, and competitive online gaming known as eSport has become one of the most viewed forms of entertainment on the planet today. In fact, they have shot to prominence so much that online betting sites such as Bovada now allow their customers to bet on League of Legendslink outside website, Dota 2, CS:GO, and FIFA, something that was unthinkable barely a decade ago.

But in this piece, we'll only be concentrating on the Pokémon universe. We'll examine some of the most expensive cards available on the market right now, analyzing what makes each one so precious and how much it costs to buy one now. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of the most valuable Pokémon cards available today.

Pikachu Illustrator

Pikachu Illustrator card
Pikachu Illustrator card

Before we unravel the background of the Pikachu Illustrator card, let's get some facts straight. The card was initially released in 1998 to commemorate the winners of the CoroCoro Comic Illustration Contest in Japan, where only 20-39 copies of the card were distributed. It features the beloved Pikachu wearing a party hat and holding a paintbrush in the air, with a "Congratulations!" in Japanese calligraphy at the top of the card.

But what makes the Pikachu Illustrator card so valuable? The answer lies in its rarity and exclusivity. With only 20-39 copies in circulation, the card is highly sought after by collectors worldwide. In comparison, other rare cards in Pokemon TCG, such as the Charizard Base Set 1st Edition shadowless card, have hundreds of copies in circulation. The Pikachu Illustrator card stands out as a piece of Pokemon TCG history and a collector's dream.

Moreover, owning a Pikachu Illustrator card isn't just about its rarity and exclusivity. It's also about the artistry behind it. The card displays the talents of the CoroCoro Comic Illustration Contest winners and their love for Pokemon.

The Pikachu Illustrator card's value has continued to rise over the years due to its unparalleled popularity. It has made several appearances in various international auctions, fetching record-breaking sale amounts. In 2016, a Pikachu Illustrator card was sold for a staggering $54,970link outside website, becoming the most expensive Pokemon TCG card sold at the time

Pikachu is widely regarded as the most popular Pokémon of them all, as demonstrated as the vast array of plush toyslink outside website and other pieces of merchandise available. .

Poké Ball Trainer No. 1 Trophy

Poké Ball Trainer No. 1 Trophy card
Poké Ball Trainer No. 1 Trophy card


The Japanese Pokémon Card Game Entry Pack first featured the Poké Ball Trainer No. 1 Trophy card in 1999. The winning players in the Pokémon Card Game Official Tournament received the card as a promotional gift. The card has a distinctive layout with a trainer holding up a Poké Ball and the wording "1st" in big red letters in the top-right corner. It was given as a trophy card to a select few lucky winners, making it extremely uncommon.

The primary aspect that has driven up the price of this card is its rarity. Due to the fact that there are only, on average, seven copies in existence, the card is regarded as being extremely rare and as such, it is one of the most valuable Pokémon cardslink outside website around today. Because experts and collectors are reluctant to part with most of these copies, the card is in high demand.

Secondly, the card's historical significance adds to its appeal and value. As one of the earliest trophy cards in the Pokémon universe, it holds a special place in the heart of Pokémon enthusiasts and collectors. The card's design and inscription make it stand out from other cards, adding to its unique appeal and value.

The card's condition also plays a significant factor in determining its value. The Poké Ball Trainer No. 1 Trophy card is a rare find, and its condition adds to its value. A card in pristine condition, with no visible marks, scratches, or creases, can be worth more than a worn-out version of the same card. As with all rare Pokémon cards, collectors prefer cards in their original packaging, with no signs of tampering.