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Benefits of Trading Skins on Smaller Marketplaces

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Before selecting the biggest marketplace for trading, you might want to consider the benefits of trading on less popular spots.

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Trading Rust items and skins has become the most significant trend among this popular FPS game’s players. You’re probably thinking about jumping on the bandwagon and experimenting with trading yourself.

Worldwide popular marketplaces such as the Steam Community Market and several other third-party platforms are brimming with players and trade offers. Naturally, these sites will come as the first choice for you.

However, big marketplaces also have disadvantages, so you might want to consider trading your items and skins via their smaller counterparts. We’ve created a list of key benefits you’ll experience when trading skins on less popular platforms to make your research easier.


They don’t have a lot of competition

First things first: plenty of Rust players want to trade skins and items. Upon research, most players choose one of the first marketplaces they come across, typically the most popular marketplaces around. Because of that, most players trade on these platforms, which automatically increases the competition for all trade offers.

Unlike big marketplaces, smaller platforms aren’t so popular among players. As a result, they have fewer members.

Although this may initially sound like a disadvantage, it’s actually a benefit in numerous cases. For example, marketplaces that aren’t so crowded have less competition, so players interested in specific trade offers have more time to think about them before they disappear for good.

Small demand equals low prices.

Famous marketplaces have a lot of traders present at all times across their platforms, and they can demand higher prices for some of their skins and items. They can afford to do that because there will always be someone interested and ready to make a trade offer, regardless of how expensive it is.

However, that’s not the case with smaller marketplaces. Since smaller marketplaces have fewer traders and trading offers, you can find the same items and skins at much better prices.

Rust is a game that’s known for its feature of demand dictating the cost of different in-game items, so a smaller demand always equals lower prices in Rust.

Opportunities to offer skins they don’t have

Finding a rare skin on a mainstream site is next to impossible - for two reasons. First, rare skin trade offers rarely exist on the market long enough for you to see them. Second, even if you come across such an exclusive offer, only a handful of players can afford to accept such an expensive deal.

Nonetheless, you can get lucky if you hunt for some rare and exclusive skins on smaller platforms. Here, the trade offers don’t disappear at the speed of light, and they’re often reasonably priced. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to offer or get skins only a few players have.

Great bonuses

Since large platforms constantly receive new users and have more than enough members, the platform owners don’t provide any special treatment to their members.

That means few to no discounts, special price deals, limited offers, bonuses, and other financial benefits. As these promotions lure in more players, you will never see them when trading on more prominent marketplaces.

On the other hand, small marketplaces need to attract new players and make their platforms more popular, so they often reward their users with gifts, bonuses, and special trade offers. Trading on smaller platforms will quickly pay off because you will receive some of the most favorable bonuses and perks.

Lots of payment options

Many players think smaller marketplaces are unverified, suspicious, and come with a significant risk of being scammed. While traders are strongly encouraged to be careful when trading regardless of their platform, smaller marketplaces aren’t less secure than their bigger counterparts.


You can easily see that by checking the payment options at a marketplace that you wish to use for your Rust skin tradinglink outside website activities.

Even small marketplaces give you plenty of freedom regarding payment options, indicating their legitimacy and reliability. You will have many payment options available, meaning a guaranteed streamlined trading process with the desired outcome.

Faster transactions

Popular trading platforms often struggle with overloaded servers, making the entire trading experience less smooth and enjoyable. Simple tasks such as uploading trading offers or confirming and authorizing transactions can become serious difficulties. Many players experience delays and significant setbacks that ruin their whole experience.

Small marketplaces don’t experience these difficulties as their servers never get too crowded. You can publish trading offers, authorize transactions, and complete trades in the blink of an eye, thanks to the undivided power of servers. Once you experience such a trading experience, you will never want to go back to slow and unresponsive servers of popular platforms.

Choose wisely where you are going to sell
Choose wisely where you are going to sell

Easier to become one of the top traders

Trading has been around for some time now, and so have been the top trading marketplaces. After years and years of trading, some players have become more successful and famous than others. Many have even become top traders, which gives them additional perks they can enjoy.

If you’re dreaming of becoming one of the top traders, doing so might be challenging if you’re entering the marketplace where numerous traders have already established a name for themselves. Instead, go for a less popular marketplace with few or no top traders yet.

That is a perfect environment to build up your trading reputation and experience. Once the marketplace becomes popular, you will already be the community leader.


Many people overlook and underestimate smaller Rust skin trading marketplaces, while few are aware of their enormous potential. Less competition, lower prices, favorable bonuses, and faster transactions are only some of the excellent perks you can enjoy.

After looking at some of the crucial benefits you can experience only on small marketplaces, we are confident you will be tempted to give them a shot. Once you do, it will no longer be highly challenging to participate in more seamless and successful trading activities hosted by more prominent marketplaces.